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Thor Cube

Just popping in!

To say a HUGE thank you to char_usa I received your card yesterday and crazy4ew yours arrived this morning, thank you both! but now I do feel like the worst slacker, I still haven't even started on mine, I will get to it I promise!

*hugs to all*


Hi pam---- You are very welcome.
WOW-- that took a long time to get to you~!!!!
So glad it made it~!

Sure do miss you. I hope you are doing well.

Hey--- I got a new computer and I LOVE it.
it's fast and no freeze ups~~!! YAY..
It's the difference between day and night.~~!!! :) :)

Please have a wonderful Christmas and a Better New Year.
Come back ASAP~~!!!!
It may have arrived earlier in the week, I just didn't get around to checking the mail every day, but thank you Char!

Oh a new computer! that is exciting! I can imagine how different it must be, your old one was quite old, have fun with it Char!

You have a great Christmas too.
Thanks pam---Yes, the computer is wonderfu,l and it has lots of
space on it.

It sure makes a hugh difference~!
Just thought I'd pop in and say "hi". I've missed you.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! :)

Hey!!! *big hug n squeeze* Dinna worry aboot a thang lassie, just come back to us in small doses, that is fine! Ok, so my Irish accent is not the greatest *g*.

So good to hear from you!! I realized after I'd sent it that I used the same pic as you did last year in my Xmas cards!!! :D I miss your talent, your presence and your quick wit! Come back soon... *winks several times to woo you*

It's a White Christmas here, and you?