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Thor Cube


Sorry didn't have time to let anyone know before I left, we're in not very sunny but very windy and cold Devon for a week of much needed relaxation.

Raven, have a very happy birthday on Tuesday. *hugs*


Enjoy your R&R, sweetie. *huge hugs*

P.S. Stay warm. :)
Do enjoy and stay warm. *smooch*
English summers... you can never rely on heat and sun... Still, a rest is a rest. Have a good relaxing time... and eat some of that delicious Devonshire clotted cream for me!!! *slurps*
*hugs* Love your icon :D.

Have a great time on Vacation :D. Excited to camping this weekend, and have much needed time off from work :D.

Hi Pam--- Glad you could get away for some fun time.
Sorry about the weather. I will send you some of our very hot 98 degrees weather that we are having all week.

I hope you warm up, but most of all, enjoy your time away.
Miss you.