Pam (ewris) wrote,

Another birthday!!!

Tags: birthday, wallpapers
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Thank you, Char.
You're welcome Lisa-
I hope you are feeling better and that your birthday is going well.
Thanks. Had a nice dinner with my son, his girlfriend and the baby.


7 years ago

Oh, that second one is really gorgeous, Pam. Definitely stealing it. ;)

Happy birthday, Lisa! *smooch*
Thank you, sweetie! *mwah*
Ummmmmm! Thief! Lisa will be very cross with you. *giggles* glad you like it darling!
Yeah! Come to think of it, I am!! You best be returning it! In the condition in which you stole it, missy! *snicker*

(But I'll let you borrow it)
I was feeling a bit under the weather, but I'm not now!! *drags both my boys off to bed*

Thank you, Pam!
Awww! and on your birthday too! that's just not right! I hope you feel better sweetie! *hugs* and you're most welcome Lisa!
I know, right! So NOT fair. *pouts* RL events the past week have exhausted me and my immune system is shot. Darn cold! *sniffcoughsniff* Thanks. If I can get some rest, I should be on the mend soon.
Aww I hope you can make time to rest and feel better soon sweetie! *hugs*
lovely scruff! :D

i love them both pam, thanks

and Happy Birthday to Lisa!
Mmmm, isn't it? I do so love scruff!

Thanks, Clare!
I do love the scruff!

Thanks Clare!