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Thor Cube

Birthday Time!

And today's birthday gal is char_usa 

Click it for full size.

Have a very happy birthday Char! *hugs*


*sigh* Isn't he beautiful on that second one *doublesigh* Nicely done, Pam!

And: Happy Bithday, Char! I wish you the best and an amazing day today full of Ewanness :)))
Thanks katja---It's a gorgeous day out and I am sure
I will enjoy the day~!
Thank you Katja! he looked at his most gorgeous there! *sigh*
I snagged it for my desktop and ... I am constantly staring at it *triplesigh* :)))
I am very happy to hear you like it! I must admit to being proud of that one but not really because of any work I did, his mummy & daddy did all the work! *giggles*
Oh my--- Such beautiful wallpapers. Absoutely gorgeous.

Thanks so much for your Birthday Wish, pam.

It will be a special birthday, as I am going to the Bob Seger concert tonight. My favorite rock guy..Great music.

EWAN and Bob---- They both rock~!~!
How cool, Char! What an awesome way to spend your birthday. Have a great time!
Thanks Anika--- I am so looking forward to it~!~!
You are most welcome Char!

Oh that is good! I really hope you enjoy the concert.
Very nice, Pam!

I'm borrowing the second one, Char. I promise to return it in pristine condition when I'm done. ;)

Enjoy your birthday, hon.
Thank you Lisa!

Borrowing?? LOL
You're welcome, Pam.

Well, I can't keep it, it's not MY birthday present. *giggles*
Well maybe if you're a good girl you'll get something similar for yours!!

btw, what screen size is your new laptop?
Oh, yay! *adjusts halo*

Uh...I don't know. Regular laptop size I suppose.

OK I'll assume it's a new 15.6 inch with a screen res of 1366x768 the old 15 inch used to be taller but narrower screen res 1280x800 go figure!!
In pristine condition??? I take it you are being very
Yes. I'm leaving the rumpling and rough-housing to you. I'm sure I'll get a chance to have my way with him soon. :D
You are so kind, Lisa~~!!!
Yes you chance will come very soon~!
Pam, these are really beautiful! I especially love the second one. Good heavens, he looked gorgeous at Sundance that year. *sigh*

More happy birthday wishes for you, Char. Now I know you're going to have a great day. :)
Thank you Anika! yes he looked absolutely stunning there. *sighs*
Thanks Anika--- A great day indeed~!
mmmmm brilliant Pam! :D
lovely presents for chars birthday
Thanks Clare!