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Thor Cube

Birthday time!

It's almost the 17th already here and because I'll be gone early in the morning I'll wish dear Anika honscot a very happy birthday now!

**Click it**

Click them, they're bigger than they look.
First a textless version for after your big day.

And a little variation.

And finally a hot scot!!

Have a great day sweetie! *smooch*


I'm so stealing this last one... *snatches it and runs* :)))))

Hey Pam!! Sorry I'm not around... I'm battling demons, real live ones!

Thanks, Rose!

I do hope things improve in your life. *squeezes you tight*
Butting in t say....


I hope you had a wonderful day, sweetie!

Hi Pammy!
Thanks, Liz! :D
Hi Lizzy! Good to see you. *hugs*
it's been a helluva return to arms, but I will get through it. I'm that stubborn.

No matter, as long as my flisters are happy and there, I'm hopeful and thankful! *squeeze*
Uhmmmmmm!!!! Thief!!!! LOL glad you like it Rose!

huh! you're not the only one MIA lately I've hardly been online myself, lj isn't helping either, it's taking forever to load. UGH!

I hope things slow down for you soon darling! *hugs*
once I've recovered from what's happening and I've exorcized these demons, I'll share my experience, if only to put it behind me.

hope things are better for you at your end. *squeeze*
Things are still crazy here! The boy's arm isn't healing properly, we're seeing a specialist next Wednesday and he's in the middle of finals. Ugh!

Definitely a HOT SCOT--- Love the wallpaper Pam~!
Thanks, Char!
You are very welcome, Anika~!
Thanks Char!
You're welcome pam~! :)
Oh, Pam!! These are so wonderful, thank you SO much! I can't even pick a favorite because they're all so gorgeous. Thank you for the v-gift too. You're just too good to me! *HUGE hugs & kisses*
Heeeee! I'm so happy you like! and of course you're most welcome my sweet! *mwah*

I hope you're having a fantastic day!
Well, I am liking that last one! Mmmmm

Happy Birthday, again, Anika!
Thank you Lisa! *hugs*
brilliant Pam!
lucky Anika getting all these gorgeous guys for her birthday :D
Thanks Clare!