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Thor Cube

Here I am posting from my brand new shiny black PC with it's 22 inch HD TV/monitor  and it's amazingly brilliant! *bounces* so far I have all my files transferred over and now I have to install all my software. *HUGE GRIN*

Oh it does have a name and the pic is a clue!


I know, I know! Lava Lamp. *cracks up*

Enjoy it, sweetie!
Nope! not even close! LMAO

I am enjoying it, this screen is amazing!!!!!
Not Lava Lamp, eh? How about... Illuminatus? Or, no, wait! Spelunker. That's gotta be it, right? Your brand new, shiny, 22-inch Spelunker. *nods* Sounds just right. :)
Why does that sound dirty?? *giggles madly*
OMG, you perv!! *cracks up* Usually I'm the one with my mind in the gutter.
Ha! so it's your fault I'm being corrupted.
Nope, it's all you!

I've got another guess. I'm going with Coleman Lantern! Or maybe... Bat Cave?! (Yeah, I've been cheating and looking at the other comments. :D)
Oh yeah! now turn it all on me! LMAO

Coleman Lantern! *cracks up* but you did get it eventually and no I actually didn't name it myself Keith did. LOL
Congrats on your shinny new computer~!

I don't have a clue~~!!!!!
Thanks Char!

I don't think you've seen the movie so no you wouldn't know!
Let's see... we're in a cave so maybe stalactite, or stalagmite... ;)

I'm not even jealous ! I just hope this one will last and that you'll enjoy it a lot *hugs*
Yes we're in a cave, but what kind??? the clue is in your icon. *grins*

Thank you darling! I hope so too, at least with this one if something does go wrong hubby can replace bits to fix it. *hugs*
oh that's great news. lucky you! hopefully you won't have any more problems for a long time
Yeah! except I'm no longer mobile, I think I'll miss that!

I hope this will last a lot longer than my laptops did!
congratulations for your new PC

what is the name?wayne?bruce?bat?batpc,batcave????? *lol*

Edited at 2011-04-15 01:50 (UTC)
BatCave! YES!!! *giggles* and I didn't even name it myself, my hubby did!
Stagnate water????

That's an odd name for a computer. o___0'

Yayyy for new computer!!!!! And More YAYYYYY for Pam being back! *HUUGGSSS*
Thank you sweetie! but no you're wrong it's BatCave! as named by my huddy! LMAO but I love it!
Awesome pic. Yay!!! *HUGS* So happy for you hon. Sounds like an amazing PC. Have no clue what the name is LOL.

Oh Bat? Saw the comments LOL.

That's half right! LOL I answered in your other comment.

Edited at 2011-04-15 14:25 (UTC)
Thanks Jen, it is pretty amazing!

My hubby named it BatCave, LOL but I love it!
That is so great hon. So glad it is going well, and love the name :D. So cool. Hope you are having a great weekend.