Pam (ewris) wrote,

Calendar Time!

Yes the others are back!!!




So! did you find something you like?  

Tags: calendars
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Already?? Where has the time gone?

And, yeah, I found something I like. ;D
I know! this year is just flying!

Oh yay! that's good to know! Hey Lisa! *hugs*
All my boys are looking mighty fine on your calendars, as always !

But I don't like to see it's the end of March, because it means I have to go back to work on Monday, and this is gonna be a crazy month at work... so thanks even more for the pretties ;)
Like I said to Lisa, this year is flying by! sorry to hear you have to go back to work Monday sweetie! *HUGS* I'm glad the pretties are helping!
Hmmmmmmmm Lots of goodies. YUM~!
Yes-- I found several that I love...

Thanks so much--- I am so glad March is almost over.
It's been way to cold.
That's good to know!

We've had quite a mild March for a change. LOL I hope the weather improves for you too soon.


7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago

Yayyy! April is almost here! Three more weeks to go. :DDD

That pic of Christian standing next to the window with the orchids in the backgrounds is one of my all time favorites and makes for a lovely wallpaper/calender. ^____^;
Not long now! *hugs*

Oh yes! that photoshoot is just gorgeous! all of them!
You KNOW I found several things to love, Pam. Thank you so much!! :D

*huge hugs*
YAY! *hugs* I'm happy to hear that!
too many pretties! i don't know which one to choose, yet again :D

thanks for these pam.
i can't believe it's the end of march already either. time is flying by too quickly, there's still things that i was planning to do in january that i still haven't had time to do yet...
I know! this year is just flying by! I'm way behind with everything too.

I'm glad you like them Clare and you're welcome!
So much hotness to choose from! Love them all Pam! Great work!

YAY! glad you like, thanks Jen! *hugs*
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