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Just popping in!

To say a HUGE thank you to char_usa I received your card yesterday and crazy4ew yours arrived this morning, thank you both! but now I do feel like the worst slacker, I still haven't even started on mine, I will get to it I promise!

*hugs to all*
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Sorry didn't have time to let anyone know before I left, we're in not very sunny but very windy and cold Devon for a week of much needed relaxation.

Raven, have a very happy birthday on Tuesday. *hugs*
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(no subject)

Here I am posting from my brand new shiny black PC with it's 22 inch HD TV/monitor  and it's amazingly brilliant! *bounces* so far I have all my files transferred over and now I have to install all my software. *HUGE GRIN*

Oh it does have a name and the pic is a clue!
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Crushed again!

I have no laptop! It's been playing up for a while now and I'm lucky enough to have an IT geek for a hubby who's kept it going longer than I'd ever have been able to on my own but even he can't fix it anymore. It's totally dead!

It's a good thing I backed up everything on Thursday when it started playing up again, at least I still have all my stuff just nothing to use it on, I love my IPad but it's not a laptop replacement. *cries*